Group Training


Quarterbacking system that will help each client maximize their potential
by focusing on the 5 fundamental Tools necessary to succeed.
Our GROUP training sessions usually take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings in San Marcos California.  It is open to all skilled position players except for Offensive and Defensive line players. Ages that attend can range from pop warner, high school and college athletes all the way up to pros. 
Coach Cree has brought in some of the best position coaches in San Diego county to assist him with his GROUP training sessions.  At different times, Coach Cree will book special guest speakers to attend our training sessions who are happy to share their vast knowledge with our players. Some of these former guest speakers have included Super Bowl Champion Wide Receiver Az Hakim and 40 year college coach Dana Bible, whose last 3 quarterbacks were Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson and Mike Glennon.
GROUP training sessions usually last 2 hours and include ladder work, cone drills, position specific training and then, we have all the players come together for 1 on 1’s and occasionally 7 on 7 work.  Each weekend, local players from San Diego as well as athletes from as far away as Los Angeles attend these workouts which occasionally includes some professional players. 
Coach Cree’s 5 Tool QB system provides the highest quality individual training while working in a group setting.  Many former high school clients, who are now playing at the collegiate level, continue to attend our weekend training sessions in order to continue their education and elevate their games to the next level.
An integral part of our 5 Tool QB training system addresses academics.  Coach Cree has retained the much appreciated services of an academic coach who addresses the group during most of his sessions.  One of our core principals is to focus on the importance of being a well rounded student athlete.  There isn’t a NEXT LEVEL, if you do not have the grades necessary to meet a Division I schools’ scholastic standards.
Our academic coach will sit down with each athlete along with his parents and go through their transcripts and make sure the student athlete is on the right path to not only graduate but be eligible to attend a Division I College.  In order to ensure that your child is ready for the next level, our academic advisor will offer ACT and SAT Prep courses to each of our student athletes which will properly prepare them for these critical tests.
The final part of the Group Training system focuses on Fitness and Nutrition.  Fortunately, Coach Cree grew up working out with one of the most recognizable fitness professionals in the business today and now trains his son.  This fitness trainer attends most training sessions and is available to advise our student athletes on the importance of proper eating habits and calorie intake as well as providing invaluable insights in proper form lifting during weight training.
As you review our website, you will quickly see that Coach Cree has surrounded himself with some of the best position coaches and athletic trainers in the country.  Come be a part of the largest training group in San Diego and take your game to the next level.